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Who we are?

Company Copper exists for twenty years. Of additional income, we evolved to family enterprise that offers more than 150 different products from copper, hand-forged industrial locksmith products, forged and cast medals and badges key rings, plaques, awards and acknowledgments. We offer CNC machining, laser and hand engraving tools, signboards, advertising materials, ID plates, in all metals, wood, leather, plastic and glass.

We specific for its activities because we do a lot of art and creative jobs. Our flexibility and focus on customers, technology and professional staff enable us to be a leader in the Bosnian market souvenirs in relief on copper.

Often we are able to offer design possibilities, and we therefore their trust many BiH companies, state institutions, sports clubs and societies, cultural institutions and society and manifistacije, non-governmental and humanitarian organizations and others.

Our driving force is the desire to join quality and charm of handcrafts with modern trends.

We make high quality handcrafted & unique Islamic Calygraphy

What we do?

It is applied to the gradient painted and lacquered engineered wodden base with chamfered edges.

In order to obtain a natural and rustic appearance of copper, copper is chemically treated to produce a “patina” a thin dark layer formed by oxidation of the metal. Subsequently the copper is polished by hand and painted with transparent varnish to give a shine and protect it from further oxidation.

They looks luxurious and solid. In addition to decorating the house or apartment is often used as exclusive gift for different occasions.

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